BoldGrid Review: Checkout What Makes it #1 WordPress Website Builder

BoldGrid Review

Website builders are mostly liked by newbies especially when they support drag and drop. BoldGrid is a drag-and-drop website builder which is powered by WordPress. It is easy to use and newbies can easily create attractive websites with this.

Website builders are increasing their scope due to their values. Newbies try to create their website without touching code. Now, many web development firms are creating drag-and-drop website editors for their clients.

Today, I am going to introduce a new website builder which is based on WordPress and also, I am going to show you BoldGrid Tutorial. Did I mention that I would also give a BoldGrid review?

Introducing BoldGrid

Thinking that what is BoldGrid? Let me give you a small introduction of this amazing website builder.

It is a website builder which allows you to create stunning websites. This builder is powered by WordPress. Means, it is created on WordPress. It is perfect for the people who are new to web development or who loves website builders. It can help you to create expensive websites without hiring web designers. Yes! It’s just another is a WordPress site builder designed for beginners.

Its editor is better than other builders when we want to create 100% customizable sites. it is easy to use and create responsive designs.

BoldGrid vs WordPress
You might be thinking "Should I use WordPress or BoldGrid?". Well, let me clear your confusions. Basically, BoldGrid is based on WordPress. It's a mega WP plugin. So, you can say, it just transforms your WP site to into an advanced (user-friendly) CMS.

So, let's get started!

BoldGrid Features

Drag And Drop Editor:

This is loved because of its drag and drop editor. its editor is easy to use and can create websites without touching the code. You can create what you see means, this is a visual editor.

Responsive Designs:

Responsive web designs works on all devices and screen sides. It has the ability to create responsive designs. Means, with this your website can be visited by every device. I love this feature. Becuase, I think every website should be responsive

Customizer options:

In his editor, you have options to change the color scheme and layout of your website according to your design. Like you have used WordPress customizer.

Staging Sites:

It has an awesome feature that you can create a new design without disturbing your active website. You can create a staging site and develop your feature design.Then, you may convert that staging site to active. This function enables to create a design in development mode without replacing your active design. When the design would be ready, you may replace it with the active site.

Grids and Layouts:

This feature is common in all website builders. Like other builders, this has the functions to create your design in grids and layouts. it also has prebuilt grids which can save your time.

Impressive Designs:

This builder has prebuilt templates which can give you stunning ideas and you can create your design on those templates. This gives a jump start to your idea and design. These templates also have demo content which gives you the idea to build your new websites.

BoldGrid vs. Competitors

Comparison of BoldGrid with other website builders

Comparison of BoldGrid with other website builders

Above is the image that shows the features BoldGrid have, but other editors don’t have. Some of them are here:

  • Your site is powered by WordPress.
  • Thousands of designs to go.
  • You have full ownership of your site and you can easily move it to anther platform.
  • You can build from example content with each template.
  • Easy to use and drag-and-drop editor.
  • Don’t require much knowledge.
  • Developer and designers can also use it for advanced sites.
  • Easily customize site.
  • And much more.


Well, I think it’s an awesome website builder. In my opinion, here are some of its advantages.

WordPress Compatible

This is a website builder powered by WordPress. WordPress is the best platform for the web developers and many other types of users. It means that any old WordPress user can easily use BoldGrid. Cool right?

Fully Customizable

With this awesome website builder, you have the power to customize the design according to your needs.

Developer Friendly

Just like in WordPress, a newbie can set up his website and a developer can rock his own theme. So, developers and designers can create their own themes. It means, this builder also have skill levels.

Premade Templates And Content

It is having some templates and market content. So, you can quick start your blog. Don’t worry, you’re free to customize them. And these templates are also fully customizable.

My Views

“This is the advance WordPress drag-and-drop website builder. It can be used to create attractive and shiny websites without the knowledge of coding. It is really useful for the beginners. Yes, beginners can easily their websites with an easy to use editor. I think every web designer should try this.”
Abdul Haseeb 

BoldGrid Tutorial

Domain And Web Hosting

The first step is you need a domain and web hosting for your future site. InMotion Hosting And WebHostingHub are the only web hosts which are providing BoldGrid officially. Hence, InMotion is known as BoldGrid Hosting.

InMotion Hosting is officially recommended by BoldGrid. We are using InMotion Hosting on Blogging House and we are fully satisfied with them There are many other precious or authority sites hosted on InMotion web hosting.

BoldGrid is the product by InMotion Hosting. So, obviously! InMotion is the best hosting for it.

It is recommended to go with InMotion Hosting because after purchasing you can start your website without any problem. InMotion Hosting covers all of your expenses to setting up with BoldGrid. And also, you will get a premium support from InMotion Hosting.

6 months free hosting offer

Installing BoldGrid

In this tutorial, I am using InMotion Hosting to describe how to install BoldGrid. As it is is powered by WordPress, so you should install WordPress first. So, if you had purchased InMotion Hosting and installed WordPress then follow these steps:

  1. Login to your InMotion Hosing Account.
  2. Click on Account Technical Details and a URL will open.
  3. At the end of the URL will be a 7 digits number like this “1234567”. copy that number.
  4. Open this URL:
    Replace # with the customer number that you got in step 3.
  5. Now, you will see a page of BoldGrid Installation. Download the plugin and copy the connect key. Connect key is the most important thing needed.
  6. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  7. Upload and activate the plugin.
  8. After activating the plugin, you will see a message about the connect key. Paste your connect key and submit.
  9. Congratulations! You have BoldGrid on your site.
  10. Now, start creating your site by clicking on inspirations.

Note: Your customer ID and Connect key are the secret things. So, don’t let them used by anyone else.


Well, I have seen many website builders but this is the only one that provides so many features. this can be a great website builder for you. If you have any question related to BoldGrid or InMotion Hosting then please ask me. So, I can solve your problems.

Grab Your BoldGrid Web Hosting

I hope so you are using BoldGrid on your InMotion Hosting site and everything is going fine.

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G - 7th February 2016

Is BoldGrid REALLY simple enough for beginners?

G - 12th February 2016

I’m a beginner. There must be some con’s (everything can’t be PRO). If anything, what would you consider a drawback of Boldgrid?

Margo - 13th April 2016

I made a website with InMotion Bold Grid this week in just a few hours. The hardest part was getting my domain at Yahoo to sync with InMotion. Both the customer service at Yahoo and InMotion were very patient with me as I stumbled my way through. Once sync, he set the WordPress up and Bold Grid in just a few minutes. It was a pleasure to build a website. Lot’s of video’s taking you step by step. It was so easy to use. Just pick a theme, and use the easy customizer.

    Abdul Haseeb - 13th April 2016

    As I have mentioned in the article, their support is really awesome. Anyhow, Best of luck for your BoldGrid site. 🙂
    Thanks for commenting.

Ronie - 17th July 2016

So am I understanding this right? Is it really compatible with all WP plugins? Like pretty much all of them? member management, e-commerce, hopefully Yoast ad all of them? And an easy drag and drop builder?

So basically what would it’s what would happen if you gave Weebly the ability to extend with all WP plugins? (btw Weebly IS easy to export/transfer, they’re the only one though…and Wix does NOT let you change your theme, those are the only two check marks on teh comparison table you had wrong lol)

    Abdul Haseeb - 27th July 2016

    Hi Ronie,

    First of all, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this post. Yes! You’re understanding right It is compatible with most of the WordPress plugins because it works on WordPress.

    BoldGrid is also a plugin. When it is installed, it changes your whole site. And yes, it’s easy to use drag-and-drop builder.

    You just talked about the marks on the comparison table. In fact, this table is created originally by InMotion Hosting.

    “btw Weebly IS easy to export/transfer, they’re the only one though”.

    you found it difficult. Maybe someone else thinks that it’s easy 🙂

    “Wix does NOT let you change your theme”

    Well, changing template in Wix is not simple as in WP. But, however, it’s possible. You can change the template by creating a new site with a new template.

    Thanks again!

    Abdul Haseeb


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