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How To Get BoldGrid For FREE

Getting something for free is everyone’s choice. Then it is an excited thing that you get a WordPress drag-and-drop builder for free. Today, I would show you a method to get BoldGrid for FREE. Yes! You can enjoy designing your websites for free.

Get BoldGrid for FREE

Get BoldGrid for FREE

Introduction To BoldGrid

First of all, let me introduce BoldGrid. It’s a WordPress builder use to build beautiful WordPress websites by just dragging and dropping the elements. The special thing of BoldGrid is that it can help you to create amazing websites without hiring a web developer. WordPress developers usually charge $1000-$2000+ for just creating a theme, but BoldGrid is built to create WP sites without hiring someone.

It has beaten many websites builders like Squarespace, Wix and Weebly because to its easiness and customizability.

BoldGrid was created and introduced by InMotion Hosting. Yes! InMotion Hosting is the backbone of BoldGrid. Whenever you have a problem, just shout a message to InMotion, and they will help you. If you use BoldGrid with Inmotion Hosting, then you will get official support and benefits. You can say InMotion is the BoldGrid hosting.

6 Months FREE on Business Class Hosting
Exclusive For YOU and BoldGrid Lovers!

Do you know what? I am also using InMotion Hosting and recommending it to my readers. 🙂

Get BoldGrid For FREE

Okay! Now, I am gonna show you how to get BoldGrid for FREE. First thing is that BoldGrid is not a thing you can get from everywhere. I will not go into details but will tell you that BoldGrid works with a connect key. That’s is a unique key for every site. Just like a license key.

If you will go with official host then connect key will be FREE for you and you will get 24/7 support from them.

If you are not on an official host then you can still get BoldGrid for free by requesting them but you will not get the support.

What’s the solution?

As you’re Blogging House visitor then I have offers for you. I want you to get benefits from this blog.

I have a solution that you will get BoldGrid for free with 24/7 support. Yes! You will get:

  • Business Class Web Hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • BoldGrid with premium Connect Key
  • 24/7 Support for you

This deal is exclusive for Blogging House visitors and you’re one of them. Let’s begin the steps.

First thing is that InMotion Hosting is the creator and official host of BoldGrid. So, If you will use InMotion then you will get BoldGrid for free. So, you have to use InMotion if you want BoldGrid managed for you.

Now, how to save your money while purchasing InMotion Hosting? Ahaha! I will give you 6 months free of InMotion web hosting. Yes! this is a 6 Months FREE discount for you.

6 Months FREE on Business Class Hosting
Exclusive For YOU and BoldGrid Lovers!

If you will get 6 months free of InMotion Hosting then you will try BoldGrid for free with official support from them I think this is a great deal.

There are 12 months in a year. You will only get 6 months free when you will pay for the next months.  This is just like a 50% discount. It is still valued if anyone wants to start his own blog or site.

Install And Use BoldGrid

Installing BoldGrid is a little bit technical but it is easy to install.

BoldGrid is powered by or based on WordPress. You need WordPress on your site to use BoldGrid. Basically, it’s just like a WordPress plugin but more than a plugin. It has more customization options which make it more than a plugin.

First you have to install WordPress on your site and you will set up BoldGrid. For this, I have written some articles on my blog which will help you to do the things step-by-step. Well, if you found any problem during this process then feel free to ask me. I would love to help you.

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Akaahan Terungwa - 18th May 2016

Hi Abdul,

This is an interesting deal…and Bold Grid certainly seem well worth the switch 🙂

I’ll share this entry of yours on Twitter…if my friends are in love, they’ll definitely jump over and make the switch (personally, I’ve paid long term for hosting elsewhere).

Do remember to make the day great!

Akaahan Terungwa


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