Godaddy Alternatives

Godaddy is down! Search For Godaddy Alternatives.

Godaddy is one of the leading domain registrars in the world. They are famous for their cheap domain and hosting registration. Their rates may seem cheap. But, now, many users are having bad feedback for Godaddy. It clearly seems that company is at risk.

Godaddy Alternatives

Godaddy Alternatives

Godaddy complaints include downtime, poor support, cheap marketing techniques and security issues. Customers are having a headache while using Godaddy.

Customers are also complaining that Godaddy is giving domains at cheap for only first year. Renewal of Godaddy costs a lot. It’s another big issue for their users.

Godaddy web hosting users are saying that they are receiving too much downtime.

I decided to create a list of Godaddy web hosting alternatives. So, it would easy for the visitors to find best and affordable web hosting provider.

Godaddy Alternatives

Here are the hosting alternatives to Godaddy:

  • InMotion Hosting
  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Web Hosting Hub

Here is a done a comparison of Godaddy with the following web hosting. All of them are strong and providing good service. Each one is a strong Godaddy alternative. Let’s see which one is perfect for you.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers in the world. These guys are really friendly. InMotion is well-known for their customer support. In the category of shared hosting, no other web hosting can take the place of InMotion Hosting.

It was started in 2001. They are having many loyal customers. InMotion Hosting is famous for their customer support. If you got any problem then their support will help you in every matter. I contacted them on many occasions and they never disappointed me.

I highly recommend InMotion Hosting for every user.

Visit InMotion Hosting

I am using them for all my web projects. Blogging House is also proudly hosted on InMotion Hosting. Here I have written InMotion Hosting review which describes the reason why should you choose this hosting.

InMotion Hosting is the only web host that provides Max Speed Zone technology. It’s also one of a few web hostings that are giving SSDs free with their hosting. Definitely, it’s the best in this list.

InMotion Hosting vs. Godaddy

Anyhow, we’re doing a comparison of InMotion Hosting and Godaddy. Here is a table which shows the comparison of features of InMotion and Godaddy.

 Features InMotion HostingGodaddy
 Plan Compared Launch Economy
 Price $107 $95
 Plan Compared Hatchling Economy
 Free Domain Yes Yes
 Websites 2 1
 Diskspace Unlimited 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
 SSDs Yes No
 Max Speed Zones Yes No
 Sub Domains 25 25
 Email Addresses Unlimited 100
 Email Storage Unlimited 100 MB
 1-Click App Installer Yes Yes

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Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is the sister company of InMotion Hosting. This hosting is built to provide easy-to-use web hosting for bloggers and online startups.

Web Hosting Hub is providing easy-to-use blog hosting service. Their plans are affordable, scalable, and reliable. Their all plans come with a 24/7 US-based customer support. And yes! they are providing a good customer support.

InMotion’s and Web Hosting Hub’s features are almost same. SSDs are included for free. Both Web Hosting Hub and InMotion are employ owned companies. Means, they are not owned by any other company. That’s why I am using these two.

They are also giving web design services. I have heard many appreciations about their web design service  but I never tried personally. You can get a web design discount of 20% with Nitro Plan and 30% with Dynamo Plan.

I have included Web Hosting Hub in this list because I think it can provide shared hosting better than Godaddy.

It’s perfect for those who are beginners and those who want shared-hosting at an affordable price. Their plans are really cheap in price.

Web Hosting Hub vs. Godaddy

Here is a comparison of plans of Godaddy and Web Hosting Hub.

 Features Web Hosing HubGodaddy
 Plan Compared Basic Economy
 Price $107 $95
 Plan Compared Hatchling Economy
 Free Domain Yes Yes
 Websites 2 1
 Diskspace Unlimited 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
 Sub Domains 25 25
 Email Addresses Unlimited 100
 Email Storage Unlimited 100 MB
 1-Click App Installer Yes Yes


HostGator is also one of the top and most used web hosting providers. HostGator was started in 2002. It progressed very faster. In 2012, it was acquired by EIG for $225 million.

EIG (Endurance International Group) is having 100+ web hosting companies. Means, you if you switch hosting between these then you’re paying to the same company.  EIG hostings usually have drawbacks due to lack of support and reliability. EIG has also acquired one of the top web hostings like BlueHost and HostGator.

It means that HostGator is not employ-owned and it is another EIG hosting. People think that HostGator is now not much good. But, as compared to Godaddy, they are better.

According to me, HostGator is also a good choice. Since it is used by many loyal customers which include WPBeginners.

HostGator vs. Godaddy

Let’s do a little comparison of HostGator with Godaddy. Well, if you focus on the below comparison then it seems that HostGator is a good alternative of Godaddy.

Here is the table which shows the comparison of Hostgator vs. Godaddy.

 Plan Compared Hatchling Economy
 Price $107.40 $95.88
 Plan Compared Hatchling Economy
 Free Domain No Yes
 Websites 1 1
 Diskspace Unlimited 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
 FTP accounts Unlimited 50
 MySQL Databases Unlimited 10
 Email Addresses Unlimited 100
 Email StorageUnlimited 100 MB
 1-Click App Installer Yes Yes

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BlueHost is also a good name to mention in this list. It’s officially recommended by WordPress for WP hosting.

BlueHost is also owned and operated by EIG. Yeah! It’s another EIG hosting.

BlueHost is getting the customers impressed by the use of WordPress hosting. Their rates can seem a little bit expensive.

Both HostGator and BlueHost are most strongest hosting providers of EIG. Both are doing almost same service. HostGator offers more features at cheap price. While, BlueHost is a little bit expensive. BlueHost’s technology is also better than HostGator.

Well, it depends on users which one to choose. It does not matter which one you choose because you’re paying to the same company. Their service is almost same. Both has good technical support. Simply follow my tip: If you’re having a short budget then go with HostGator otherwise BlueHost. That’s it!

BlueHost vs. Godaddy

If we compare BlueHost with Godaddy then there is a big difference.

Below is the table which shows the feature comparison of Godaddy and BlueHost.

 Plan Compared Basic Economy
 Price $107 $95
 Plan Compared Hatchling Economy
 Free Domain Yes Yes
 Websites 1 1
 Diskspace 50 GB 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
 Sub Domains 25 25
 Email Addresses 5 100
 Email Storage 100 MB 100 MB
 1-Click App Installer Yes Yes

Comparison of All!

Well, I have listed a few web hosting providers. Now, you might be confused “Which web hosting is best”. Well, let me clear your confusions.

InMotion Hosting vs. HostGator vs. BlueHost vs. Godaddy

I would do a comparison of all web hostings listed above and then, I would tell you the best one.

You can call it hosting price comparison.

Here is the comparison table:

 Features InMotion Hosting HostGator BlueHost Godaddy
 Plan Launch Hatchling Basic Economy
 Discounted Price $47 $80 $71 $66
 Renewal $107 $107 $107 $96
 Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited 50 GB 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
 Websites Allowed 2 1 1 1
 Free Domain Yes No Yes Yes
 Email Addresses Unlimited Unlimited 5 100
 Email Storage Unlimited Unlimited 100 MB 100 MB
 Solid-State Drives Yes No Yes No
 FREE Data Backups Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Max Speed Zones Yes No No No
 1-Click App Installer Yes Yes Yes Yes
 SSH and suPHP Yes Yes No No
 Money Back Guarantee 90 Days 45 Days 30 Days 45 Days
 WinnerInMotion Hosting

According to the above comprison, InMotion Hosting is giving more features at an affordable price. Well, I think you should go for InMotion Hosting and save your money. Here is the conclusion of this comparison:

  • Only InMotion is allowing 2 websites while all other have limitation of one.
  • Max Speed Zones is an important feature. But, only InMotion is giving.
  • InMotion Hosting has 90 days money back guarantee which is a good point.
  • Only HostGator is NOT giving a free domain name.
  • Godaddy seems to be avoided. Because they are not giving essential features
  • BlueHost is good and better than Godaddy. But, they are also lacking Max Speed Zones and unlimited space.
  • HostGator looks like better than BlueHost. But, due to too many customer complaints and limitations, they can’t prove themselves as best web hosting.
  • InMotion Hosting is offering best SSDs, Max Speed Zones and some other features which others are not offering.

Well, according to the above points, InMotion Hosting is the best web hosting provider. I am also using InMotion Hosting.

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