Interview With Malik Sharjeel Tahir

Hello readers! Today we invited another blogger for interview. This time we invited a beginner blogger. We are going to ask about his journey of blogging and how he started this as a student.

As a student, you have to face many difficulties in your career. Especially in Pakistan, some people don’t give importance to blogging. Sharjeel started his blogging career as a student. He faced many difficulties in starting. Now, he is growing his blogging skill. Now, I believe that he can do more in the  world of blogging.

Read his story how did he started blogging 🙂

Interview with Sharjeel Tahir

Interview With Sharjeel Tahir

So, let’s start the interview. Here I asked some questions to Sharjeel, you can also ask your questions in the comments of the article 🙂

1. Welcome to this interview, kindly tell us about you?

First of all, thanks Abdul Haseeb for inviting me to this interview. I feel honored to share my thoughts with your readers.My name is

My name is Malik Sharjeel Tahir. I am a student blogger and part-time job worker in Services Hospital, Lahore. I founded ClubSideEffects in 2016 which helps people to get information about medical side effects like foods effects diseases effects treatments and also tips for health. But, due to some reasons, I had to shutdown that blog. Now, I own my personal blog Sharjeel Tahir where I have my stuff with my readers.

2. What are your biggest mistakes in your journey?

When I was new in blogging, I copied other articles because I didn’t know much about copyrighted plagiarism.

Then Google penalize my site and I lose my rank that’s is my biggest in mistakes in my journey I recommend all do not copy paste and write awesome content it’s fun to write now I love to write articles, make changes etc

3. What was your biggest problem that you faced in blogging?

My biggest problem when I am new I don’t know much about seo backlinks etc and publish only articles and I wasted

a lot time on it if you not have links and proper SEO then its very hard to survive from other bloggers.

4. How did you started blogging?

Well back in 2014, I searched many things that how to earn money. I landed many sites ptc etc then I land on Abdul Wali’s blog.

I learned many things from his Abdul Wali‘s blog, like how to create a blog on platforms like blogger or WordPress. Well, I can’t afford WordPress in that time so I choose blogger.I think many times that in which topic I choose for my blog then I decided to make a blog on

I think many times that in which topic I choose for my blog then I decided to make a blog on medical field then I created which aims to give information about Medical side effects and Alhamdulillah i am going well.

5. If I would say you to start everything from over then what would be your strategy?

Proper SEO, good design, first make decision, and think a lot and choose a Good category for your blog and content because content is king do not copy paste never and ever.

6. What would you recommend newbie’s to do?

First learn you need good skills and knowledge for start your blogging career.

7. Share us some of your favorite blogging tips.

Good design, Do not use nulled themes , Proper seo and also good category for your blog and then update your blog regularly.

8. Give us the name of personalities who helped you in your journey?

Well I say above My favorite one is Abdul Wali sir but I meet many good peoples who helped a lot .

9. Getting traffic is a difficult thing for a newbie. how did you made your blog, find its audience?

Facebook,Twitter,Seo,Awesome Content and one and only google is my best source for my blog traffic.

10. How do you do keyword research?

Google trends is my favorite tool for keywords research. And ideas for my blog, my sources is many sites like livestrong, healthline, books etc. But, my favourite source is books

11. What is Your Life Mantra?

I always wished to share my knowledge with all those who are hopeless, so that they can become successful.

12. A Habit You Thinks Which Makes You More Productive

My Punctuality in Offering Prayer & My keen focus towards my target,

13. A Tip To Become Successful

Be Good & Be Calm to everyone, Listen to everyone but do what you think is the best.

14. One Mistake Every Individual Must Avoid

Never try to become over-smart and always believe in Allah.

15. A Lesson You Think Everyone Must Lean

I saw many people who give up in blogging career saying I am not making money. So never give up & keep your blogging career continue and Just believe in ALLAH and one day you will become successful.

A Quote Of Inspiration?

(Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.)

Your Social Media Connects?

Thanks again Haseeb for this interview. I am feeling awesome after answering the questions. Thanks readers for spending your time to read this interview. You can reach me here:

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Your Turn, readers!

Now, ask your questions to Sharjeel in comments. He will answer every single of the questions. 🙂

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