What People Can Learn From Neil Patel

There are many entrepreneurs and bloggers to follow but Neil Patel is my favorite one. Do you know why?

I have learnt many skills by following other experts because they give a shortcut to the concepts. Today, I am going to talk about an entrepreneur who does not need any introduction, people around the globe know him. That’s Neil Patel, the man who helped many brands to grow their revenue.

What people can learn from Neil Patel

Neil Patel: A little About Him.

Neil Patel is the co-founder of multi-million companies like KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hello Bar.

He started his entrepreneur journey when he was 16 years old and a few years later, he was running a 7-figure business.

He is well known for the internet and digital marketing. He has helped many brands like HP, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon and many other to grow their revenue.

In 2005, He was one of the top influencers according to The Wall Street Journal. Neil started many businesses to help people around the world. His blogs are featured in many news outlets like Inc. Magazine, Business Insider and Forbes.

Entrepreneur Magazine named KISSmatrics as one of their top 100 brilliant companies. Forbes also mentioned Neil Patel as top 10 marketing experts of 2014.

He is also a contributor to many popular publications like Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch, Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine. He is also found on blogs like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and HubSpot.

Quick Sprout is his well-known blog for the SEO, blogging and marketing.

What People Can Learn From Neil Patel

Well, when I first learn about Neil Patel on his blog Quick Sprout then I was thinking “This person is the one who spread the awesomeness“. I just started reading his blogs. Here are some skills that I got from Neil Patel (and you will also).

Learn To Start A Business

Starting a business is not so much easy, it requires mind and ability to change the game. In starting everyone has to face the failures and hardships to accomplish their targets.

Neil also faced some failures to become such a great man. Actually, failures are connected to the life. If you will cross the hardships then you will get success.

When Neil started his first business, then he also had some problems which teach him about the real way.

In his articles, you can learn about how to start your business and you can learn what mistakes should correct. His articles are really in depth and explains everything you need to learn. He is helping people to learn the things that he has learnt.

Neil Patel on Google's Autograph

Learn To Sell

Neil Patel is also an internet marketer. His businesses are worth of millions. He is selling the goods to millions of the customers. He is good at sales and marketing.

His is teaching people to “How To Sell”. You can learn from him how to sell your products. As I mentioned, he has helped many brands and companies to increase their revenue. His is well-known for his marketing skills.

Learn The Blogging Skills

Neil Patel is also a good blogger. His is publishing many informative and incredible articles on many blogs including Quick Sprout, Crazy Egg, etc.

His blogging skills are really awesome. Quick Sprout is getting a lot of traffic by blogging.

His articles are long, informative, converting and the one to motivate people. I learnt a lot of things from his articles. He is teaching people how to do SEO and increase your traffic to 1,00,000 visitors. Well, this is nothing. Neil is kind of a big deal. Why not follow his blog?

Learn To Interact With Your Readers

Whenever I commented on Neil’s post, I got replies from him. He always tries to answer every question and comment.

If you leave your reader then your business can be get destroyed because your fans are your real power. Being connected with your readers will support you to do the things. Actually, they make your business come true.

He does not have enough time but he still reply to the comments on his posts. He is a good person, because he helps his readers.

Spread The Knowledge

Neil Patel does not hide anything from his readers. His articles are really in details.

You have seen that many marketers are selling their skills. Neil is not one of them, you can get the knowledge from his articles which other marketers are selling.

Yups! Neil is giving his articles for free. Neil is sharing the tips and tricks to get your business money making. Neil could sell his articles and make a lot of money but he is giving this to people. So, they can make money.

Advanced Things To Digital Marketing

Neil’s articles are full of the information which ranges from Blogging, SEO, Make Money, Marketing and all aspects of a good business.

His articles are uncountable. I can’t stop reading his blog. He is covering all topics from beginning to advanced level of marketing.

On SEO, he is also good. He knows the real concepts of the SEO.

From Aha! to Oh Shit, he is sharing everything to make your blog awesome.


Well, there are many bloggers to follow but Neil Patel is the one who MUST be followed. You should also read his articles. If many companies like HP, Microsoft and Samsung can hire him then this man can lift your blog to millions.

Share your thoughts about Neil Patel in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “What People Can Learn From Neil Patel”

  1. Hi Abdul,

    Neil’s interaction is first rate!

    I aspire to be like him, engaging my readers like mad.

    Appearing on his blog was a major honor for me.

    Fab points here.

    Signing off from sunny NJ.


  2. Hi Abdul,
    Neil Patel is the living legend. His contribution in online marketting was truely awesome.
    Both of his blogs Quicksprout and NeilPatel are my favorite.
    Here you puts all the fabulous points on this great man.
    Great article.

  3. Really very informative post Haseeb, I am newbie in blogging, i just get into your site through google i read many of your articles, these all are informative and they really inspire me!
    Thanks buddy, keep it up!
    I really got inspired from Neil Patel!


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