Cloudways Review

Managing a bunch of WordPress sites? Me too. It’s a constant search for the right web hosting. That’s where I found Cloudways. Over 4 years and still going strong. Great performance and super easy to use. All the cloud VPS benefits, none of the hassle. Curious? Let’s explore Cloudways together. Key Features Cloudways is more … Read more

Does Shopify Have Hosting? Your Ultimate Guide

Are you stepping into the world of e-commerce and pondering whether Shopify provides hosting services? In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Shopify’s hosting offerings, providing you with detailed information, facts, and figures to help you make an informed decision for your online store. Shopify is renowned as one of the … Read more

Top 22 Weird Websites to Cure the Boredom

top weird websites

If you are also like me and you look at a hipster guy and ask yourself whether weird can be stylish as well or not, this blog post is absolutely for you. Just like me, you might also have been on the wild ride of internet surfing since early 2000 and God knows it has … Read more

InMotion Web Hosting Giveaway

Hey, Readers! I hope you’re enjoying your day. If not then still you should not be worried because I am gonna add a twist into your good day. InMotion Web Hosting, I know that several people made you fool on 1st April but I am not like them. I don’t want to waste anyone’s precious … Read more

Under Construction Page Review

Under Construction Page - WordPress Plugin

It does not matter whether you’re developing your site or giving it a quick maintenance, your visitors shouldn’t get annoyed by a site containing bugs. Solution for the problem is simple, you should have a under construction page which appears when your site is in development mode. By hearing the word, another question rises “How … Read more