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Quick Guide: How to Secure WordPress Site from Hackers

A security is one of the biggest concerns for WordPress site owners and webmasters these days. Since it is a commonly used CMS platform across the World, hackers are finding easy to target WordPress websites. In fact, the spamming and hacking attacks on WordPress sites have increased in past few years. This means you need […]

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30 Email Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Practice shows that email marketing is still in-demand. Any marketer knows, it is a convenient and proven method of building business relationships with people. Perhaps, one of the most valuable features of this type of marketing is a live communication between business partners. Marketers are always in search of email marketing tools.  Despite the fact, […]

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Godaddy Alternatives

Godaddy is down! Search For Godaddy Alternatives. Godaddy is one of the leading domain registrars in the world. They are famous for their cheap domain and hosting registration. Their rates may seem cheap. But, now, many users are having bad feedback for Godaddy. It clearly seems that company is at risk. Godaddy complaints include downtime, […]

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