Top 22 Weird Websites to Cure the Boredom

top weird websites

If you are also like me and you look at a hipster guy and ask yourself whether weird can be stylish as well or not, this blog post is absolutely for you.

Just like me, you might also have been on the wild ride of internet surfing since early 2000 and God knows it has been one hell of a ride from miRC to MSN chat rooms to Yahoo mail to the day when Google and Facebook came and occupied lion’s share of the internet.


I bet just like me you are also bored to death because Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube and a lot of other websites that you use for sake of knowledge, communication or fun etc. can still not slake your thirst for something hipster, unique, different and weird.

Weird Websites on the Internet


Here’s a list of top weird websites. Let us have a look at them:


Stealth Boats - creepy Website

In case you are interested with stealth engineering and stealth warfare or even if you’re not, this is a weird website for you to take break from work and look deep into the hollowness of www. Since the boats are stealth you might not see them, but they are there if you try to have a look ☺


the evolution of trust game

You got some trust issues? Same is with me. God knows friends hurt better than enemies. Well, this one of the best useless sites is made around the trust issue. When you go to the side you see that it’s loading a game for you; in the meanwhile, you can play with small men caricatures, but the trick is that you fail to touch them with the pointer. The game, once it is fully loaded, shows two men playing a cheat or cooperate game. Go play it!


Eel Slap GIF

How do you feel about getting slapped? No, nothing personal, other than a personal opinion sought from you on a very personal matter! We all get slapped at least once in our life. We get slapped from parents, we get slapped from elder siblings, we get slapped from school-yard bullies and we definitely get slapped from girls we ask out.

How about enjoying eel slap? You go to this website and you see a young man, now move the mouse from right to left and you see a hand slapping him with an eel, leaving a fiber of nasal mucus on his face! Eeewww!


Stick of gum trick website

I have a personal opinion about these “pointless websites”; they aren’t totally pointless if help you relieve some stress and get your heavy sack off of your shoulders even for once. In a 9 to 5 day full of challenges and stress, a moment of laughter is only high required.

So, go get a stick of gum at this website and I bet that you will have a smirk on your face if you do not laugh at the funny idea.


Ninjaflex Useless Website

Well, to brighten up someone’s day is not only weird, it is a good job as well, but when we come to useless sites, not all of them are funny. For example, take this website, which was probably made by someone who is obsessed with ninjas and muscle flexes.

Because all it has is a 80’s era animation of a ninja and a muscle flexing itself. Rest you can see by clicking the link.

6. strange website

Speaking of 80’s era animation, let us talk about this useless and weird website. If you are not old enough to have used Windows 93, it is your golden chance to click this link and see how it was back in 1993 to use the computer.

First it shows the Bios of 1993 windows, then you hit the required keys and you get access to what looked like the loading of 93’ windows and its desktop. Go get some nostalgia!


endless horse weird website


Weird, useless and pointless might sound like similar words, but they are different. Pointless websites are different from weird and useless websites. It is like last level of game. These websites are good for nothing not even fun and you stay hardly for a few seconds. If you don’t believe me, tap on this link and tell me if I was wrong.


staggering beauty

Do you love worms? Do you like flashing images that hurt your eyes, make you close them and curse the one responsible for it? See, it’s only 8th website and I am already talking weird.

Well, this website put in front of you a big, black and fat worm with two white eyes. You move your cursor from right to left or vice versa and it follows the movement.

But this isn’t it, you move it too fast and it tells you what for. How? You have to find it out on your own.


we become what we behold

If spooky is your definition of strange websites, then this website is perfectly for you. First of all, the website name We Become What We Behold is weird and when you get to play the game that you load while on this website, you understand the meaning of it. The game puts you in the role of a photographer who clicks random people and then gets to know the story behind them. Interesting?


bury me with my money site


This seems to be a strange wish but when you click this link all you see is some rich guys dressed red, falling from the height of your monitor screen until they hit the bottom of it and with them, you see laying, their gold or their money. Nothing special, but weird as hell!


my weird habits

In case useless websites or pointless websites is not what you want to play with and you want something interesting or funny, but weird, go to and the screen will show you a habit jotted down in inverted commas e.g. “I like to scratch my nose.”

The website asks the visitor to answer whether they have the same weird habit or not and after clicking either Yes or No, you get to see the mentioning of another weird habit.


tickId community and memes website

Do you like being tickled? Well, this website is surely not going to tickle you, but it is full of spooky, wow, cute and funny moments that can make you go from “wow” to “hahaha” in a few seconds.

It is not much weird, but it has surely got some weird jokes and funny moments that can make you laugh even if you are on deathbed (hey I didn’t say whose deathbed ☺


quick draw with google

Love drawing? How about trying some weird web pages that are weird but still serve some creative and productive purpose? For example, this website is, as they claim, world’s largest data collection of doodles.

You are asked to draw an object in 20 seconds and AI has to guess if it is the same object that you were asked to draw. If your cat looks like a fox (happened with me), the expressionless robotic voice tells you that it failed to guess it.


Spot the difference game site

Do you also love to play spot the difference games? You get to find the difference between two almost the same pictures? Yes me too. This one of the top 10 weirdest sites let you choose an image set and then you have to find the differences. If you fail to find any or all, you can give up and see the difference(s). I bet that brief break from work will be interesting now!


cross divisions

Ever loved looking into the hollowness of AC ducts? Well if you did then this is one of the weird internet sites that you will like. The website is hypnotic and it might even give you a headache because all you see is moving duct or tunnel like gradients of different colors. They go from right to left or top to bottom etc., and that’s definitely a weird website.



If you are the last football samurai on earth and you think that football will be vanquished only when you will be no longer alive and if 2018 FIFA World Cup adrenaline is still running in your veins, this website is for you.

Really wanna know what future holds for football? Go to this website and see the future of football as you scroll down through a thoughtfully writing analysis.


move now think later

If you are a living example of “act now, think later”, this website is exactly for you. This is actually a big full-screen checkers board where you are not the player but a lowly spectator and the pieces move fast on their own discretion. You just see them moving fast and dismissing the opponent pieces. Give a try!


unseen youtube videos with no views website

Tell me if this happens to you. You go YouTube and you start watching videos related to your interest and some of them have over a million views or likes etc. but then you run into an unlucky YouTube video that had zero views before you visited?

If you’re just as humane as I am, you must have felt pain for those unlucky videos and this is what this website is all about. When you log on to this website, you get to see the videos that were unwatched by anyone except those who uploaded them. Ready for a unique experience?



Sitting idle on your computer, doing nothing at all, I bet you often move your mouse cursor from one to another dimension and sometimes this movement is very rapid. It is a weird use of time, but if you want to go this way, at least you ought to know how many points you can score per second with a mere mouse cursor movement. This is all this weird web page is about. Move mouse slow or fast and see how many points you earn per second.


cat bounce

This is not a website for you if you are a dog person, but if you love cats and if you love to see them playing, jumping and bouncing etc. this is absolutely for you. The website just shows some cats falling from the top of the screen to the bottom where they bounce back to the top.

However, this is not all to this, you can make cat rain with a click and with other smart controls you can click and pick the cat, move it to one or another corner and bounce with low or high power.


d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y correct spelling websites

One of the weirdest websites and made by someone who’s definitely a spelling Nazi who loves to lecture people on how to correctly spell certain words of the English language; you will enjoy it if: 1. You are also a grammar/spelling/language Nazi, and/or, 2. You actually don’t know how to spell **** ☺

As the name suggests, this website is aimed at showing to the people the actual spelling of the word “definitely”. It covers all wrong spellings and it covers FAQs as well as sentence examples to show you how to use this word.


destroy the computer

So now we’re moving from weird to mad websites and this weird web page is the perfect example of this. Now that with the evolution of the computer industry, these machines have started to look and feel like tools made for human, we do not get many angry moments, but there was a time back in the 90s to 2000s when you wished to pick an electric saw and cut your damned monitor’s screen into two halves.


In case you are still so mad at your computer, you can either change it or use this weirdest web page. It loads a game “destroy the computer” and you can vent your anger on a computer by punching or slapping screen, monitor body, CPU, keyboard and mouse.

In case you have totally destroyed the computer but your anger is not relieved, you can press the repair button to bring the computer back to its original shape and start over. Much better than punching the keys of your actual keyboard in agony while the system is lagging.


This was our collection of 22 most weird websites of 2018. I hope you enjoyed it; if it is so, let me know in the comments box below and kindly share some weird and funny websites that you know. Stay hungry, stay weird! ☺

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